Honor Rolls for Grades 7-12

At the end of each quarter an Honor Roll shall be generated. All courses except physical education are included. Students must maintain a C or better in physical education to be eligible. A student must maintain a grade of 80 in all courses in order to be eligible for consideration.

Third Quarter 2014-15 School Year
High Honors (93-100)

Meg Allen
Thaddeus Allen
Ashley Butler
Elizabeth Conger
Emma Cypherd
Keaton Hanson
Julia Helal
Margot Hutchins
Bria Fielding
Elias Kane
Ellanora Lerner
Shelby Lusker
Elizabeth McCarthy
Nicholas Oickle
Charles Snyder
Sophia Streimer
Arrianna Reyes-Suarez
Alexi Switz
Mackenzie Switz
Samuel Walz

Honor Roll (87-92)

Molly Cypherd
Jack Morrissey
David Shillo
Ben Weber