Honor Rolls for Grades 7-12

At the end of each quarter an Honor Roll shall be generated. All courses except physical education are included. Students must maintain a C or better in physical education to be eligible. A student must maintain a grade of 80 in all courses in order to be eligible for consideration.

Third Quarter 2013-14 School Year

High Honors (93-100)
Thaddeus Allen
Olivia Backhaus
Emma Cypherd
Molly Cypherd
Aaron Kane
Elias Kane
Devin Kucsera
Elizabeth McCarthy
Jose Perez
Charles Snyder
Sophia Streimer
Arrianna Reyes-Suarez
Alexi Switz
Mackenzie Switz

Honor Roll (87-92)
Wyeth Bonser
Alan Eastman
Bria Fielding
Keaton Hanson
Shelby Lusker
Adeline Visscher