Trivia Bowl


March 13th - March 16th

During Advisory time, you and your advisory will compete against another advisory in a Kahoot game. The brackets will be posted in the hallway. The winning advisory gets a surprise! 

MONDAY (March 13th, 2023)

Both Advisories competing against each other will meet in the specified room at 8:00 during advisory time. The competition will run until morning announcements. If the time advisory did not complete the Kahoot was over, then the team with the most points at the start of the announcements will win that bracket level. Each room will have a student council representative to help run the Kahoot! Advisors are free to participate as well!

  • Mr. George's Advisory vs. Ms.Hall and Mrs. Sawyer's Advisory

    • Location: History Room

  • Mrs.Pantalone and Mrs.Mesite Advisory vs. Mr.Baber and Ms.Tempesta Advisory

    • Location: Spanish Room

  • Mr.Stanton and Mrs.Zimberlin Advisory vs. Mr.Murray and Mrs. Larson Advisory

    • Location: Math Room

TUESDAY - THURSDAY (March 14th 2023 - March 16th 2023)

After the preliminary round, the winning team will move on to the finals. Each advisory in the finals will compete with each other at least once. The team with the most wins at the end of the three days will win first place and the surprise. The locations are not yet determined for this round and will be assigned according to the advisories in the finals. The same rules apply to finals as they did for the preliminary round. If the Kahoot game does not end before the announcements start, the team in the lead will take the win. Advisories that did not move on to the next round will have regular advisories in their own rooms. The bracket posted in the hall will be updated with the location.