Green outline of fishers island

Voting Results- November 8, 2022 Land Referendum Vote

Number of Votes Counted: 132

Number of In-Person Votes Counted: 117

Number of Absentee Votes Counted: 15

*Number of Outstanding Mail-In Absentee Ballots: 3

*Mail-in absentee ballots are due back to the district on November 23, 2022. As there are three outstanding absentee ballots, these posted results are pending the return of those ballots. Due to the margin of the vote, these ballots will be counted when received, but will not affect the overall outcome of the vote.

Proposition #1-  “Should the Board of Education be authorized to sell the following District owned property for a purchase price that is consistent with or in excess of the fair market value and upon such terms and conditions as the Board of Education determine to be in the best interests of the District, with the proceeds of such sale being deposited in accordance with law, to the District’s general fund?

Reservoir Road Parcel #1000-9-8-1, a 2.10-acre parcel with 455 feet of waterfrontage along the northeast shore of Silver Eel Cove located on the west end of Fishers Island with a zoning of R-80.”

In Favor of Proposition #1: 117

Against Proposition #1: 15


Proposition #2-"Should the Board of Education be authorized to sell Lot No. 1000-9-10-10, a 2.4-acre lot situated on Winthrop Avenue, Fishers Island, NY to Walsh Park Benevolent Corporation, a not-for-profit corporation, for the purchase price of $410,000?"

In Favor of Proposition #2: 98

Against Proposition #2: 34